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Should you buy a coronavirus-specific insurance policy? Here’s a comparison of those available

Given the rate at which Covid-19 is permeating the country and considering the impact of lockdown on the economy, many people have been hit by the double whammy of disease and dearth of funds. Combine this with the low penetration of health insurance in India and it has created a gap that insurers are rushing…


Arogya Sanjeevani: Simple health policy for first-time buyers

Insurance firms have come up with a standard health insurance plan — Arogya Sanjeevani — that caters to all quality healthcare needs of an individual and family. For first-time buyers of health insurance, the plan is a boon since the product is the same, regardless of the insurance company offering it. The current health insurance…


High treatement costs & no Insurance: A challenge for South Asia

South Asia, one of the world’s most populous regions, is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Karachi and Mumbai, among the world’s most densely populated cities, where we live and work, are being overwhelmed by cases. While the death rate in these places may not be as alarming as in Europe and the U.S.,…


How will India emerge out of the lockdown?

After a 39-day lockdown, what will be the shape of things to come? How should one strike a balance between ensuring livelihoods, minimising strife, and maintaining social distancing? In a discussion moderated by G. Ananthakrishnan, Reetika Khera, and Giridhar R. Babu examine the options. Edited excerpts:With less than a fortnight left for the lockdown to…


‘Truckers should get health insurance cover and supported by the government,’ says TVS Supply Chain Solutions MD

The first step is to remove fear in people’s mind. We give the truck drivers and load men protective kits, which reduces their fear of operating the trucks during this time. The second is to shift to digital mode and avoid physical handling of papers. Thirdly, truckers should get health insurance cover and supported by the government.