Derek Cribb, CEO of the IFoA, comments on the resulting Leave vote

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  1. totally diplomatic. Nothing of an insight.

    • Mayank says:

      There is now much work to be done in negotiating this separation. The impact of Brexit on issues such as Solvency II, migration, demographics, the funding of pensions and indeed all financial products need to be assessed and the IFoA looks forward to playing an active part in informing the important negotiations and debates that must now take place.

      “Our published research on the impacts of migration on the state pension system showed that there could be some big choices for the Government as to whether to increase National Insurance contributions, the State Pension Age, or alternatively, reduce state pensions.

      They will start working on the separation process which may (with high chances) effect the whole insurance industry. You may find more in the brexit article. Thanks for your views 🙂

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