Who makes more money in the long run: an Actuary or a data scientist?

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2 Responses

  1. Manasvee Kumar says:

    First of all , the diagram provides a great insight (and a thumbs for the creator) but is apparently out of context a bit.

    Secondly, there has nothing been said about the Indian context.

    Thirdly, nobody becomes data scientist out of college( maybe except if the person if from tier-I Institute).
    The no. of jobs offered in each field & location distribution could be creterion as well.

    Something that has been left out of article is that Insurance companies require an appointed actuary (as far as I know) and this designation is quite a respected one. Similar, there is being is seen a rise in a no. of organisation offering a designation of Chief Analytic officer (for Data Scientist).

    Please review my views too.

    • Mayank says:

      I understand you views but the purpose of the article was just to give an understanding of salaries and not the explanation about data scientist. If you’ll follow the link A review of Education strategy, you’ll find that IFoA is taking steps to review the education including a step towards big data. So, our focus was to just abbreviate it. We may cover the area later on if we actually find out the participation of it in Actuarial field. Also it is a hot field where it is very analytical to provide even a range in Indian terms I hope you understand our concerns! Btw, Thanks for the review. We appreciate it 🙂

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